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As line dance has become an increasingly popular trerul,CAPP's new dance studio with sprung floor provides the best environme nt and opportunities to create a healthy ,happy,and frierally antmosphere.To estabbsh a high standard and skillful dance environment,basic and easier dance steps will first be taught; improvementin donce technique will later be encouraged.

Level1 初级班(Starting November)
Tuesdays,Thursdays 星期二 四 早上10点

Level2 二级班
Mondays,Wednesdays,and Fridays 星期一 三 五 早上10点

Level2,3 二级三级班
Tuesdays,Thursdays,and Fridays 星期二 四 五 中午12点45

Members:5 times for $20(all five times must be used within one month)
Walk-in:$5 一节课$5, 月票$20可用五节课

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