The Spring Festival Silicon Valley brings together communities of San Jose and the Silicon Valley region in celebration of the Lunar New Year, which is observed by more than 25% of the world’s population. As perhaps the most visible and recognized of Asian celebrations, the Spring Festival, as the Lunar New Year celebration is traditionally known, is CPAA’s major annual event designed to pursue its three-fold mission to introduce Chinese culture as an integral part of the American society; to promote multiculturalism through collaborations; and to promote global cultural exchange through events promoting international participation. While the Festival presents the cherished arts and traditions of CPAA’s Chinese American heritage, it also engages broader community participation through the inclusion of arts of diverse cultures such as San Jose based Korean drumming (2014) and Indian dance performances (2014) as well as artists from China. This past year we included artists from the city of Chongqing in the central region of China, a rare treat for American audiences.
Asian New Year Celebration
The Asian New Year Celebration is CPAA's art education program for the public school students of grades 3-12 and was held as a matinee performance on the afternoon of the Gala this past year at the SJCPA.

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