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CPAA offers customized programs for educational, community and corporate events, from one solo performance to a two-hour full-scale production.

CPAA's repertoire includes a rich variety of dance, music, marial arts, acrobatics, magic,
Peking opera and vocal pieces.

For program description, please visit our Program Selections page.

For further information on major CPAA productions since 1992|, please visit the CPAA Productions page.

To learn about performing arts events and classes at CPAA Arts Center, please visit the CPAA Arts Center page.

To learn about our Arts Edutcation to Youth program, please visit the Education page.

For booking information, please call: (408) 973-8276 or email: cpaa@comcast.net

Through Gary Lindsey Artist Services, CPAA has been booked for performances in
Idaho, Washington state, Massachusetts, Alaska, British Columbia and Ontario in 2004~05 (as of September 2004). A 14-member touring troupe comprising CPAA's lead dancers will bring our flagship production The Dances of China ~ A Journal of 5,000 Years to a wide range of audiences in North America.

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