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Yun Yin LIU
Martial Artist
 A graduate of Shanghai Sports & Athletic Academy majoring in wushu (martial arts), Ms Liu specializes in the classic weapons: sword, spear, broadsword, etc.

 Ms Liu is a certified “Wuying” martial artist (China Martial Arts Hero), the highest rank in China.

 Ms. Liu was a guest performer in Ringling Bros. productions from 1992 to 1993.

 Ms Liu is a martial arts instructor at CPAA Arts Centers.

Shaolin Wushu Artist
Martial Arts Coach
 After graduating from Tianjin Physical Education Institute he became a coach in martial arts at the age of seventeen.

 He is recognized by Shaolin Temple as a 34th generation disciple. As a disciple, he tour toured many cities in over 20 countries around the world. He was a principal performer during the Shaolin Kungfu world Tour.

 Mr. Chen holds a 6th degree ranking in Wushu. He has won many national and international martial arts tournaments. He is a certified China Martial Arts Hero and a first level judge for wushu competions in China.

 Mr. Chen is a martial arts instructor at CPAA Arts Center.

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