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Lifang WANG
Peking Opera PerformingArtist
 Nationally ranked first class Peking Opera artist of China. Born to a professional Peking Opera family in Shenyang, Madam Wang started to study Peking Opera at an early age. She trained under Wei Lianfang, an arch disciple of the legendary master Mei Lanfang. Madam. Wang is known for her excellent singing and characterization of the traditional young woman’s roles, yet she is also capable of performing some of the men’s roles, including the “painted face,” which is sung in a drastically different voice. She has won numerous prizes and toured many regions in the world

Jihai SUN
Peking Opera Artist
 Member of the Dramatists’ Association of China, Mr. Sun was born in a professional Peking Opera family. He spent his school years studying in the opera training school under Shenyang Peking Opera Company. He specializes in the young men’s role. He has portrayed a variety of characters from different times and with different personalities. He has won many awards and toured all around the world.

Peking Opera Artist
 Certified national rank performer of China. Ms. Guan Yi is born to a Peking Opera family, and graduated from Shenyang Peking Opera School. She specializes in the young lady’s role, as her stage appearance is pretty, and her voice sweet. Capable of performing both the musical and martial roles, she has received many awards from national and international contests. Ms. Guan has toured all around the world.

Yingchao ZHANG
Peking Opera Artist
 Certified national rank performer of China. Mr. Zhang graduated from Shenyang Peking Opera School, specializing in the Painted Face and Martial Clown’s roles. He is repeatedly awarded for his breathtaking acrobatic skills in contests of all levels, characterized with agility, swiftness, excellent posturing, and tumbling feats. Mr. Zhang has toured the US, Canada, Europe, Japan, and is particularly popular in Hong Kong.

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