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Lifang Wang王麗芳
  Nationally ranked first class Peking Opera artist of China. Born to a professional Peking Opera family in Shenyang, Madam Wang started to study Peking Opera at an early age. She trained under Wei Lianfang, an arch disciple of the legendary master Mei Lanfang. Madam. Wang is known for her excellent singing and characterization of the traditional young woman’s roles, yet she is also capable of performing some of the men’s roles, including the “painted face.”

Pearl Wang王真珍
 Graduated from UC Berkeley majored in dance and business, Ms. Wang studies Chinese dance under the direction of Master Yong Yao for 16 years. She has performed in many leading roles in CPAA’s productions. She is versatile and skillful. Her most memorable performances are Butterfly Lover and the solo in Yellow River.

Wenlong Sun孫文龍
Principal dancer/choreographer
 A graduate with majored in Chinese classical dance from Shanyang Arts Academy, Sun was an award winner of many regional and national dance competitions. In 2004, he joined the prestigious China Dance Drama and Opera House as a soloist in Beijing. In 2005, he was contracted by Law’s International Arts Company as the principal dancer and performed in seven full-scale productions. Since then he toured with the company in Canada, USA, Hong Kong, and other parts of the world. In April 2008, Sun arrived Silicon Valley to join CPAA as the principal dancer and a dance teacher. One of the most memorable performances is as Prince Chu in CPAA’s New Dream of the Butterfly that received the standing ovation from the audience. He is also the principal dancer and choreographer of the new work The Emperor & the Nightingale.

Ya Qin HAN
Principal Dancer
 Nationally ranked performer of China. Also a principal dancer, director, and instructor of Shenyang Dance Troupe, She often collaborates with her husband Xing Jiu Liu in choreography and performances. Together they have created many popular duet pieces that add even more breadth to Ms. Han's extensive repertoire in dance dramas and solo dances. She received the Municipal Award of Paris for choreography at the Sixth International crobatics of the Future Contest in France in 1992. Ms. Han is listed in Who’s Who of Contemporary China

Xin Jiu LIU
Principal Dancer
 Nationally ranked first class dancer of China. Mr. Liu was a principal dancer, choreographer, and instructor at Shanyang Dance Troupe. He received his degree in choreography from Beijing Dance Academy. Mr. Liu has performed many of his own works which are often both poignant and humorous. Mr. Liu's other trademarks include his highly skilled martial arts techniques and dramatic performances. He has won the highest honor for individual performing artists awarded by the Ministry of Culture, and is listed in Who’s Who of Contemporary China. His artistic journey was filmed as a TV special feature story.

Xiao Juan SUN
Principal Dancer
 Born in Sichuan Province, formerly with DDOC and graduate of Beijing Dance Academy, Ms. Sun is one of the most sought after dancers by promiment companies in China and abroad to dance principal roles in major new productions. Ms. Sun danced the role of the goddess in The Prince and the Goddess in CPAA's Chinese Performing Artis Festival 2003.

 Achievements:Gold prize winner of the Sixth Beijing Dance Competition. Principal dancer in dance drama Sorrow of Yuanming Garden in 2002. Winner of many regional and national dance competitions in the past nine years.

Principal Dancer
 Born in Yunnan Province, former principal dancer with DDOC. Graduate of Beijing Dance Academy. Versatile in both classical and contemporary performance techniques, Ms Yang has been featured in many leading roles in dance dramas and many other demanding works.
Achievements:Gold prize winner of the 1999 International Arts Festival in Korea and 2001 Chinese Arts Festival in Holland. Toured many countries in Asia, Europe, and America.

  Ms Yang is a dance instructor at CPAA Arts Center.

Rongke Guo
Principal Dancer
 Graduated from Shanghai Dance Academy, Mr. Guo was the principal dancer of the Shanghai Drama & Opera House. He performed in many major productions.Mr. Guowith the company toured many countries including Germany, Korea, Finland, USA, Korea, and other countries. Mr. Guois also an outstanding teacher specialized in dance technique (or gymnastics), Chinese dance and modern dance. Mr. Guo teaches in CPAA Dance Academy in San Jose as well as in Fremont.

Christina CHENG
  Ms. Cheng came from Hong Kong with many years of dance experience. She had performed in many countries including the United Kingdom, Israel, Canada and the Philippines representing the Hong Kong Government. She has been a CPAA resident artist since 1991.

Jenny Jie HUANG
   Ms. Huang graduated from Beijing Dance Academy in 1988. In 1989, she won a national award as an Exceptional Dance Teacher. Her choreographical work Lotus Dance, a group exercise dance, was performed by hundreds at the opening ceremony of the Eleventh Annual Asian Cup Athletic Competition. Ms. Huang joined CPAA in 1991.

 Ms. Huang is a dance instructor and Business Manager of CPAA Arts Center.

Jinmei LI
   Born to a Manchurian family in Inner Mongolia, Ms. Li studied Chinese minority folk dances at Inner Mongolia Art School, and later on became a principal dancer at the Inner Mongolia Folk Song and Dance Troupe. She has won multiple prizes in dance competitions in China. She was contracted to perform as a soloist at Splendid China in Shenzhen, China, and in Florida. Ms. Li has toured many places in Asia, Europe, and the U.S.

 Miss Liu grew up in Lhasa, Tibet, where she studied folk dance, majoring in the Tibetan style. She started her career as a professional dancer with the Lhasa Performing Arts Company in 1996 when she was seventeen. Besides her highly trained specialty in performing Tibetan dance, Ms is also a talented dramatic performer, adding dimensions to the roles she dances. Miss Liu joined CPAA as a resident artist in 1999.

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